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Dr. Filippini's patients are finally experiencing relief from symptoms such as:
Fatigue, Weight Gain, Dry Skin, Constipation, Morning Headaches, Always Feeling Cold, Night Sweats, Low Energy, Depression, Anxiety, Difficulty Losing Weight, Thinning or Brittle Hair & Poor Digestion.

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Dear Thyroid Sufferer,

Are you a thyroid patient in Danville or the East Bay Area on hormone therapy…but still suffering from stubborn weight gain, fatigue, depression, insomnia…even hair loss?  And how about that brain fog?  Are you frustrated when your doctor tells you everything is OK, just because your lab tests say so?  Well if you’re like 80% of the women with these thyroid symptoms, everything is NOT OK.  Worse still, your case is probably being mismanaged (if its even being managed at all) and you probably have not been given the right tests to find out the number one reason people like you fail to get relief despite thyroid hormone therapy and normal lab tests. In my Thyroid Solutions video I will reveal the likely reasons you suffer with thyroid symptoms despite thyroid hormone therapy and normal test results. I'll show you what tests I run and why my patients get such great results in my clinic.

From the Desk of John Filippini,

Doctor of Chiropractic:

If you're tired of the traditional medical approach to managing your thyroid symptoms, which is simply to take one medication after the other, "monitor" your lab work, "manage" your symptoms with Hormone Replacement Therapy and run minimal lab tests that never give the doctor a clue on what could be the cause of the symptoms in the first place, then you've finally found the right doctor. You can NEVER medicate yourself back to health. If you were to break a bone, you would never take a medication for the rest of your life to manage the pain associated with it. You would re-set the bone and allow your body to heal itself the way God intended it to do! In the same sense, why continue to take dangerous medications that have known and harmful side effects when you can address the cause of your thyroid condition and get off of those medications for good?

Request my FREE video or call to schedule an examination and learn what tests need to be run to determine the CAUSE of your thyroid condition, the equipment and technology we utilize in our office that no other doctor in the entire Bay Area provides and how to become a part of the thousands of patients we have helped!

Advanced Nutrition and Breakthrough Technology with

State-Of-The-Art Equipment allows most thyroid sufferers to get off of their "disease management" medications. Even when all other therapies, drugs and surgeries have failed!