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"I initially came in to see Dr. Filippini because I was experiencing intestinal problems, extreme fatigue and irritability. I didn't feel my thyroid medications were working and I had severe brain fog. I went to my normal Medical doctor through Kaiser but they weren't willing to run the proper tests to figure out what was causing my symptoms. After seeing Dr. Filippini and doing his prescribed testing, we found that I had an intestinal infection due to parasites and that my thyroid problem was actually an auto-immune disease called "Hashimotos Disease." My intestinal infection is gone, my energy levels are back up, my hormones are balanced again and I am more relaxed, focused and happier!"
~Christine, M. Ripon, CA

"I was eating properly and exercising but despite taking my medications and natural supplements I continued to feel worse. I had fatigue, moodiness, brain fog, knee swelling and much more. After seeing Dr. Filippini I have mental clarity, energy, muscle gains, fat loss, no more knee problems and I finally feel like a human again!"
~Sherri Z. Tracy, CA

Everybody has a story.

Perhaps right now your story involves the frustration and irritation of recurring symptoms despite taking medications. Perhaps your story entails a cycle of sickness, fatigue or depression. Perhaps you have experienced continuous symptoms from thyroid imbalance, diabetes, or GI problems that continually linger. Everyone has a story.

Fortunately, here at Abundant Life Health & Wellness, we have a lot of stories. From Dr. Filippini's own personal testimony of overcoming auto-immune pancreatitis (his immune system would attack his pancreas and made him pre-diabetic despite eating healthy and exercising), to the countless stories of others who have experienced revitalized health and wellness, we invite you to take some time to check out "our stories" which you'll see above and at These are just a few examples of the many people whose lives have been blessed by Abundant Life Health & Wellness. Our hope would be that you would trust us enough to allow Abundant Life Health & Wellness to rewrite your story as you take your steps towards your new abundant life!

If you live in the Danville, CA or East Bay area call us today at   (925) 718-8759 to learn how you can start on the next chapter of YOUR story. Otherwise, visit our online store at and order Custom Lab WorkDetox Packages and much more!

"After a year of being in constant pain, barely being able to eat, and traditional medicine making me worse, I knew I had to try something different. I had been to my primary care doctor, a Gastroenterologist, a GI surgeon, and an Allergist. None of these doctors offered me any relief at all. And the pills that they had me on were making me worse.  After treating with Dr. Filippini and learning about what was causing my problems, I can eat again pain free. Rediscovering the joy of food was just the beginning. My headaches have drastically improved, my knee pain has diminished for the first time in 16 years, I made it through an entire school year without getting a sinus infection, I sleep better at night and I have more energy. I have never been to a doctors office where they treat you like family and like a whole person before coming to Dr. Filippini."
~Sheryl P. Manteca, CA

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